"Jenny has been an active advocate in Howard County, providing strong and vocal support for our fight against the school redistricting debacle.  She has approached her campaign with similar zeal and constantly positive attitude.  She will be a strong and formidable legislator."

By:Trent Kittleman
State Delegate in District 9A (2015-Present)

Endorsed by Loretta Shields.

By: Loretta Shields
Former HCGOP Central  Chair,
Former Vice President of MFRW

Received Endorsement from MDRTL.

By: State Political Action Committee
Maryland Right to Life

"I got to know Jenny in 2017 while working together against bad legislation in Annapolis.  She is a true warrior, immigrant, and patriot for American values.  Jenny never gives up in the fight against misguided liberal policies and will protect our families, communities and freedom.  I am excited about the expertise and leadership she will bring to District 9A and Annapolis!"

By: Brad  Botwin
Organization Committee Chair, MCGOP

“I strongly endorse Dr. Jenny Zeng for House of Delegates District 9A. Jenny believes in our American values and holds our freedoms dear. She will stand for our constitution in Annapolis and will work to keep Maryland’s best days ahead of us to reduce our taxes, protect our families and ensure world class education opportunities for all. She has my full support.”

By: Dan Cox
State Delegate in District 4

Great to have a great candidate in Montgomery County and I look forward to helping your campaign

By: Andrew Messick

"Dr. Jenny Zeng,

It gives me great pleasure to offer you my full endorsement for Delegate in District 9A, Howard and Montgomery counties. We need conservative representatives who will represent us and offer new solutions to problems facing Howard and Montgomery County. I know that you have the right temperament and work ethic to be very successful in this role."

By: Warren Miller
State Delegate in District 9A (2003-2020)

Received Endorsement from MDRTL.

By: State Political Action Committee
Maryland Right to Life

"Congratulations for your run in the Maryland Assembly as delegate.


1st Farmers Group sees you as an ally in furthering the needs and causes of farming industry in Maryland if you get elected.


We support your run and wish you best of luck.

By: Shahab Qarni
President of 1st Farmers Holdings

"If you haven’t met this dynamo you need to, she is amazing and is destined for great things!! She will be doing great things for your county and state vote for School Choice and for her!! Jianning Zeng she is the best choice too!!"

By: Tisha Stone
President of the Rep Women of Calvert County. Associate Member of Rep Leaders & CCRCC & MFRW & NFRW

“Jenny Zeng is an inspiration to all Marylanders. An Astrophysicist by education and talented engineer, Ms. Zeng embraced the American dream when she left China 22 years ago, leaving behind communism for democracy. Since then, she has been an active part of the community by helping to advance the cause of republican democracy. I look forward to seeing her elected to the Maryland House of Delegates.”

By: Donald “DP” Patti
Small Business Owner & Candidate / MD District 17

Authorized by Friends of Dr. Jianning Zeng, Treasurer: Nancy Shih, CPA